Spring Cleaning.

Spring has sprung! There's truly nothing better to get into the swing of Spring than a freshen up of your space. Whether that means out with the old and in with the new, or a few new colourful additions, here's what we think about a Spring clean.

As the days grow longer and the air begins to fill with the promise of warmer weather, it’s time to embrace the spirit of renewal that comes with spring. What better way to do so than with a thorough spring cleaning that goes beyond just tidying up? At Paper Republic, we believe in taking your spring cleaning refresh routine to totally new heights this year.

From new prints that breathe life into your walls to invigorating candles that awaken your senses, and fresh homewares to revive and rejuvenate your living spaces, we have everything you need to infuse your home with vibrancy for spring.


Make To-Do's.

The first step to any successful spring cleaning adventure is organisation. Make a comprehensive to-do list using our charming Notepads and To Do Lists. Jot down tasks, plan room-by-room cleanings, and prioritise what needs your attention. Our delightful note pads will keep you on track and make the cleaning process feel more manageable.


Care for your Self-Care Goodies.

Your self-care essentials deserve a tidy and beautiful home too. Keep your skincare, cosmetics, or travel necessities organised and easily accessible in the perfect cosmetics pouch. Our pouches combine practicality with enchanting design, making your self-care routine a special experience every single time.


Florals aren't just for Vases...

Incorporate the beauty of spring florals into unexpected places, like your kitchen. From Tea Towels to Tote Bags, little things add a burst of colour and nature-inspired design to your space while keeping things practical – a floral bloom that will never die, result!


Accessorise your Home for those warm Spring and Summer Nights.

Spring cleaning extends to the heart of your home – the kitchen. Get ready for warm spring and summer nights with our Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses and our range of Kitchen and Cocktail goodies. These unique shot glasses add a touch of fun to your kitchen or bar cart area and are perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Elevate your mood...

After a long day of cleaning, tidying and organising, what’s better than lighting a soothing candle? Choose from a range of invigorating scents like Peony, English Rose, and Basil Lime, from Wavertree and London, and anything to take your fancy. Our candles and diffusers create a calming atmosphere that helps you unwind and enjoy your refreshed space.


Don't underestimate the power of a stunning Book.

Coffee table books are more than just decor – they’re sources of inspiration and conversation starters. Add a pop of colour and cultural insight to your space with our curated range of beautiful books.


Refresh your Walls!

Introduce a breath of fresh air to your living spaces with new artwork. Add anything from the lush beauty of nature, or a touch of vintage charm. The perfect low commitment way to totally change the vibe of your space.

Add Some colour to the Nooks and Crannies.

Often, it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. As you spring clean, don’t neglect those hidden corners and spaces that have been gathering dust over winter. Placing the right scent, trinket or item that brings you joy can really elevate the small spaces that make your house a home.


This spring, let Paper Republic be your guide to a comprehensive and refreshing spring cleaning experience. With our curated selection of new prints, invigorating candles, fresh homewares, and thoughtful organisation solutions, you can transform your space into a haven for the new season. As you embrace the beauty of the season, let your home reflect the vibrancy and energy of spring after a long and cold winter.

With Love, Paper Republic.