Everything you need for an Easter Egg Hunt

From intricately designed Easter egg tins to whimsical bunny-themed decor, we’re excited to show you our enchanting Easter collection that will help bring your Easter Egg hunt to life. Whether you're looking for charming decorations or delightful gifts, we've got something for you. 

What is an Easter Egg Hunt?

Be the host with the most this Easter and host a captivating Egg Hunt. Go on a hunt for the hidden treats and chocolate eggs, armed with a cute easter basket from Paper Republic.

Jellycat Bunny - Easter

Cute little companion for your Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt Guidelines

  • Nominate one person to be the Easter Bunny. They’ll be in charge of the game.
  • The Easter Bunny hides sweet treats around the home, garden or office.
  • Everyone else gets a basket and the hunt is on!
  • Each treat is worth a certain amount of points and the aim is to collect the most points.
  • Once the time is up, add up how many points each person has collected and figure out who wins.

Easter egg Tin

Set the scene

Transform your home into an Easter wonderland with our enchanting decorations. Adorn your space with pastel hues, charming bunny figurines, and delicate floral arrangements that capture the freshness of the season.


Bunny Dish

This adorable little bunny sitting in a cabbage leaf will add some Easter flair to your lunch table. Fill it with some colourful chocolate eggs!

From everyone at Paper Republic, we wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter!