10 Ways to Beat the Mid-Year Funk.

Between cold weather and a lack of excitement around the middle of the year, a ‘Mid-Year funk’ is bound to happen. Whether you’re feeling stale at work, home, or even both, we’ve all been there and done that. 

Tips and tricks work differently for everyone, from journaling, walking, sprucing up your home, or even sitting down with a good book, there’s always a way to make this time of year just a little bit more fun.

Here are our 10 favourite ways to stay excited and motivated through it all!


1- To-Do lists!

As simple as it seems, a good old To-Do list is a fantastic way to visualise your thoughts. Having tasks written down in front of you is the perfect way to plan, action, and complete those little tasks that don’t always make themselves obvious. Not to mention, our brains release dopamine which causes positive feelings such as happiness, pleasure, and motivation when we check off and complete a task!

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2- Get out and about.

Sometimes a quick walk is all it takes to boost your energy levels and calm the mind. Walking can boost your mood and release endorphins into your body, can help with regular and quality sleep, and reduces stress! 

Not to mention it’s a great little getaway wherever you are. Don’t let the weather get you down either, the perfect accessories can make all the difference, a scarf or umbrella could be the perfect touch to make your pick-me-up trot around the block all that much better.


3- Planners.


Planning and organising tasks can help you finish the must-dos of everyday life and make more time for yourself and those around you. Daily, weekly and monthly plans are great for staying satisfied and calm when it comes to your busy schedule. We definitely love a planner, diary or calendar! A great way to motivate yourself to work through the day is to use a planner that works for what you need, and that looks and feels stunning. Setting your intentions for the time ahead can ease the mind and give you that great kick of endorphins when you check off your schedule. Whichever sort of planner or Calendar you need, you’re bound to find in our curated range. Check out our collection of Diaries and Calendars here!


4- Building routine.

A lack of excitement during this time of year and the freezing weather depending on where you are can make routine and even getting out of your warm bed difficult. Whether big or small, rituals are a great way to keep your health, happiness, and inspiration blooming! A Harvard University study found that it only takes 10 weeks of working on creating a healthy habit until it becomes automatic! That’s only 10 weeks of waking up a little earlier, checking off that to-do, or spending time with loved ones until it becomes an inbuilt routine.


5- Brighten up your home!

Posters, Prints, Decor, and trinkets are a stunning way to enjoy your home. Something as small as a pop of colour is a great way to boost your mood. Within  your space, everything around you can impact how you feel, especially your decor and trinkets. Something small can really turn an average day or weekend into something special. The right design can create a calm and serene environment that promotes relaxation and healing. Art and colour are both proven to be fantastic ways of mood-boosting!

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6- Surround yourself with positive people.

Positive people in your life can make a world of difference. A hug, a chat, or even just a smile can turn anyone’s day around. Making the time to spend with the people around you, even your furry friends, is guaranteed to pick you up.


7- Make time for hobbies.

Spending time delving into a hobby or activity you love gives you something to look forward to that may be out of your ordinary routine. Not only do they boost your mental health and mood, but you may find something you are excellent at! Weekends in, sitting on the couch, or even with a friend or family member, a new skill is the perfect mood booster, some of our fave hobbies at the moment are puzzles with Family and Friends, or Wax Seals and Stamping!


8- Learn something new!

Despite what you may have heard, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Learning has been shown in the research to improve and maintain our well-being. It can boost self-confidence and self-esteem, help build a sense of purpose, and strengthen our  connection with others. Learning can be as simple as a great stretch for your back, or even a new language! Whichever category of learner you fall into, there’s always something new to explore, keeping you excited and kicking goals.


9- Get Inspired.

Whether you’re heading off on your next adventure tomorrow, or next year, inspiration and exploration can be a brilliant way to boost your mood and attitude, especially through the middle of the year. Let your imagination run wild and give yourself some extra kick to tick off those to-do’s, with the motivation of your next trip ahead! Coffee table books and travel journals are great to spark inspiration through your day-to-day life. Flicking through beautiful images, even writing about your past experiences, and memories yet to come can put that pep in your step to work hard, and enjoy what life has to offer.


10- Sleep Well.

Waking up refreshed in the morning is the ultimate start to your day. A healthy sleep routine, although challenging, really does pay off in the long term. A good nights sleep can make or break your day’s productivity. The perfect candle, journaling before bed, or a good book are all things that can make your dreams even sweeter. After all, sleep is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, mentally and physically. So make sure you take all the steps you can to get those hours in, and stay the happiest and healthiest version of yourself.


After all, we are all learning and growing together, so we thought we’d share some of the things keeping us moving through the middle of this year. Hopefully this read gave you the pick me up you needed!

With Love, Paper Republic.